1. Identify property of interest under the Rental Listings tab in the left margin, and apply via the “Apply Now” button that is found within each listing right under the property address.
  2. Pay the required application fee via the Pay App Fee tab in the left margin. An application is needed from each potential tenant 18+ years of age. The fee for a single applicant is $50. A married couple can submit a joint application for a fee of $70. See below for more info on criteria used to determine whether an application is approved or declined.
  3. Once WRR notifies applicant(s) of approval, arrangements to sign the lease and pay the security deposit in certified funds (money order or certified bank check; no personal checks) must be made within 24 hours in order for the property to be considered rented and off the available list.
  4. Once a signed lease and security deposit are in place to hold the property, WRR will work with the new tenant(s) to establish utility accounts ahead of the scheduled move-in date.
  5. WRR will meet new tenant(s) on move-in day to exchange keys for rent (money order or certified bank check; no personal checks). If the move-in date is on the 1st through 20th of the month, the move-in day rent due is pro-rated for the remainder of the current month. If the move-in date is on the 21st or later, the rent due on move-in day is both the pro-rated remainder of the current month AND the next full month. After the move-in day payment, all tenants move to the standard schedule of rent being due the 1st of each month.

When reviewing applications, WRR looks at four main areas:

  • Previous Rental History – good review from current & previous landlords; last 3 years
  • Employment/Income Verification – ongoing incoming of at least 3 times rental rate; recent paystubs or equivalent documentation
  • Credit Check – record must be clear of landlord evictions or collections
  • Criminal/Sex Offender Record Check – record must be clear